Business Case and ROI Development

Business case analysis is a systematic effort to estimate the rate of return on an investment made to improve business operations. Business cases are required for numerous types of investments made as part of an organization’s operations to demonstrate to stakeholders that proposed investments will provide a return on investment that justifies the capital expenditure. Emergent’s business case and ROI staff have performed literally hundreds of business case and ROI analyses for Fortune 100 clients.

At Emergent, we believe that business case analysis should be transparent and easy to understand. Business cases should be tailored to the needs of the client and stakeholders. Thus, we offer a range of business case offerings, varying from quick-yet-sophisticated back-of-the-envelop 48-hour analyses that estimate benefits using industry benchmarks and typical costs and benefits, to an in-depth analysis that will explore costs and benefits in detail. Our goal is to resolve our clients’ business case problems and challenges quickly and completely within the shortest possible timeframe.